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6 November 2020 / Roshan

WayFinder Specialist Employment Service

At WayFinder we #Sharethejourney of those with enriching perspectives to share their views and goals.
Today, Roshan - one of our Supported Interns shares his lived experiences and learnings with us.

My name is Roshan and my first term at Landmarks College has been a great success. I have begun my Supported Internship producing media reports/blogs for the college website. This has opened up opportunities for me to expand my skills in a variety of areas including punctuality, communication, confidence and time management.

For example, college starts at 9:30 am which gives me a reason to get up in the mornings and stick to schedules.


As a result of being at Landmarks, I have grown in confidence and am now more able to open up about my strengths and weaknesses when put on the spot. I am confident in independently travelling to and from college.


I have really enjoyed the socialising aspect of college life and having access to laptops, iPads and mobile phones during my sessions. The college has given me a structure, routine and purpose to my days. I now feel as though I am keeping myself busy day in, day out.

Overall, my first term at Landmarks has been brilliant. The staff have supported me in being able to achieve my goals across the board.


These goals include writing blogs and reports for the college’s social media platforms which I have managed to achieve during my first term. I’ve also really enjoyed being part of a working environment; gaining the skills and knowledge to work in Media.


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Supported Intern

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