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13 November 2020 / Abeer

WayFinder Specialist Employment Service

At WayFinder we #Sharethejourney of those with enriching perspectives to share their views and goals.
Today, Abeer - one of our Supported Interns shares her lived experiences and learnings with us.

I have recently joined Landmarks Specialist College completing their Employability Pathway. I started my administrator and marketing-supported internship in September with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) working in Rotherham Investment and Development Office's (RiDO) Team. Due to the pandemic, I have been working remotely from Landmarks Specialist College. 

Some of the jobs and duties I am completing include:

  • Typing up minutes for the different meeting I am attending

  • Designing a social media channel's presentation to inform the RiDO Team on the different types of uses, tools, and features for various platforms. 

  • Build logo and signatures for the RiDO team members to at the bottom of emails with a 'working remotely' or 'working from home' message for example. 

  •  Producing an Acronym Glossary enabling me to get to know the specific acronyms used within RMBC.  

  • Creating a Local Labour Market Intelligence (LLMI) Newsletter for Rotherham advising residents with various support provisions available to aid them when applying for jobs especially during the pandemic. 

In the next couple of days, I will be helping my colleagues in designing an information leaflet for LEAF Virtual Careers Fair in January.  


I am thoroughly enjoying my internship with RMBC. I have always been passionate about computers especially how rapidly technology is constantly adapting and developing. During my A-Levels studying IT, I completed the Social Media and Digital Marketing Coursework Module which I found very interesting. I really enjoy designing presentations, logos, signatures, leaflets etc

Completing my administrator and marketing internship will provide me with experience of applying my skills and new skills in a professional working environment improving my chance in being a offered a job within RMBC or another organisation. Additionally, the internship will aid me in starting my career within the digital marketing industry. However, I have decided that I would like to use my digital marketing skills and knowledge for a good cause such as working for RMBC or a charity. 


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