WayFinder Specialist Employment Service

WayFinder Specialist Employment Service is dedicated to supporting people with learning difficulties and disabilities into employment and plays a key role in assisting people on the Employment Pathway to develop the skills needed to secure work. 

WayFinder Specialist Employment Service aims to help people with additional needs and disabilities overcome barriers to employment.

What we do?

We believe in helping businesses tap into a wider talent pool of workers by helping them reflect the community they serve. We support employers to manage the process of appointing staff with learning difficulties or disabilities.

We create the right opportunities for you to flourish and develop your career.
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A Supported Internship is a Pathway funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency for adults with additional needs who want to gain experience in the world of work aged 16-25 years old.


Each Intern will be fully supported by a Job Coach until such time that they are able to work independently.


This Pathway aims to give the Intern real work experience that could possibly lead to voluntary or paid employment.

Our Success

Over the past three academic years, we have supported 29 learners onto a Supported Internship Pathway: ​

What is a Supported Internship?
Sam's Journey

In May 2017, Sam enrolled onto our Employability Pathway at Landmarks College, with a view to accessing our provision at Rotherham. An assessment was arranged for July, where Sam spoke about what he wanted to do. It was evident from speaking with Sam that he was very motivated to work; he spoke with enthusiasm and passion.  He said, “I want to be tired after a day’s work.” Originally he wanted to work outdoors in a manual role, but said that he didn’t mind looking at different areas of work.


Sam was offered a placement at his local Tesco store, where he would be working with chilled produce, filling the shelves, putting out the deliveries and rotating stock. He was very excited about this opportunity and was very keen to start his internship. Sam started this on September 17.


Due to the nature of Sam’s disability, he can sometimes lack concentration, but when it came to work, he was solely focussed on the job at hand.


After a short period of time, his Job Coach started to take a step back, allowing Sam to work completely independently only seeking her out if he was struggling.


Within nine months, Sam has learnt the role inside out and now is working to the same required standard as other members of the Tesco staff team. He has formed good working relationships with his colleagues and has become an integral part of the team.


He was encouraged to apply for an upcoming role and was offered an interview. He worked with his Tutor and Job Coach to prepare for the interview.


After attending the interview, Sam was offered the job and has now secured employment at Tesco. He has already started his role, working without a Job Coach and his manager has reported that since securing employment, Sam has worked especially well and that securing employment has seemed to have driven Sam to work even harder than he did before. 


In September 2018, it was the end of his probation period. During his review meeting, to discuss what was going to happen next, Sam secured a permanent paid position at Tesco. Well done Sam!

Our Success

100% of Learners gained new skills that will help in the future 


100% of Parent/Carers feel we meet the needs of our learners


100% of Parent/Carers would recommend Landmarks to a friend

Ofsted 2018

“Study programmes are carefully designed to meet the needs of each learner.”

Learner Quote

“I’ve grown in confidence and I feel happy at Landmarks”

Parent Quote

“We’ve recognised a big improvement  

since school”

Our Partnerships
Landmarks Specialist College

Landmarks are the creators of WayFinder Specialist Employment Service, they are a thriving, Independent Specialist College for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. The College offers a wide range of programmes which are individually tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Edward’s Success


At the end of his placement, Edward was offered a part time voluntary position at The Grand Care Home and it didn’t take him long to achieve the Employee of the Month Award.

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